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Dixon students did an outstanding job at the State TSA (Technology Student Association) Conference this year. There were 23 students representing Dixon that competed in 22 events. Our students won 6 first place team awards, 6 Second place awards and 3 third place awards. We won more team first place awards this year than we have ever won in the past.

1st Place Winners

  • In Career Prep Bethany Bowen won first place.
  • In Construction Challenge the team of Sarah Bartholomew, Jessica Redmond, Kaleb Ahlfors, Bethany Bowen, Audrie Miller and Elaine Taylor won first place. This was our TSA buddy bunch.
  • The Community Service Video the team of Sarah Bartholomew, Jessica Redmond, Bethany Bowen, Aubrie Miller, Kaleb Ahlfors and Audri Wilsey won first place place.
  • This was the video of our five for the fight against cancer.
  • The Leadership Challenge team of Makayla Milord, Daisy Bennett, and Aubrie Miller won first place or the second year in a row
  • In System Control (Lego Mindstorm) The team of Isaas Clay, William Ott and William Westerberg won first place beating the toughest school in Utah the ninth grade team of Oak Canyon Jr. High who has won at Nationals the past 5 years.
  • Technical Design the team of Issac Clay and Kevin Frica won first place. The team of Daxton Larson and Conner Williams won second place

2nd Place Winners

  • Biotechnology the team of Sarah Bartholomew, Jessica Redmond, Bethany Bowen, Makayla Milord and Audri Wilsey won second place
  • In the Chapter Team competition our eighth grade team of Aubrie Miller, Sarah Bartholomew, Jessica Redmond, Daisy Bethany Bowen, Kaleb Ahlfors and Audri Wilsey won second place. Our Seventh grade team of Austin Ray, Kevin Frica, Hailey Lillywhite, William, Ott. Elaine Taylor and Jonathan Ayze won third place
  • In Essays of Technology Aubrie Miller won second place.
  • Structural Engineering William Ott and Jonathan Ayze won second place

3rd Place Winners

  • Challenging Technology Issues the team of Daisy Bennett and Makayla Milord won third place.
  • In prepared Speech Bethany Bowen won third place.
  • These students have been working all year long. They have spent a lot of time after school working on their competitions projects. Their efforts have paid off.

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