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The Fine Arts Curriculum Review Cycle team met on October 16th to explore the Curriculum Notebooks.

The deep dive looked at current findings in visual and performing arts:

  1. Essential Standards
  2. Pacing Guides/Scope and Sequence
  3. Assessments – pass-offs, rubrics, standards-based assessments, etc.
  4. Curriculum currently being used – Kodály, SongWorks, UEN lessons, standards-based lessons, self-created lesson plans, BYU ARTs Partnership lessons, Art Works for Kids lessons, etc.

The committee began recording findings and future needs in each of the art form areas.

Julianna Gylseth shared what resources the elementary music teachers currently have in place, such as Kodály Music Standards aligned to State Core Music Standards. Peter Werner shared resources in the Band Google Drive, such as Leveled Technique Pass Offs that support assessment of students in their skills and technique progression. It was helpful to view what is in place for these art forms and how teachers utilize them.

We were glad to have Anne-Marie Harrison, Assistant Superintendent over Teaching and Learning, present in conversations with the visual art teachers about the variability of student skill sets, scope and sequence in visual arts, and accountability. The team welcomes Jeremiah Tijerina and Carrie Rawlins as administrative representatives on the Fine Arts CRC committee.

The focus over the next month is to solidify what fine arts courses are being taught in the district, the teacher teaching the course/class, and identify curriculum and other resources currently being used to teach the arts. This committee of elementary and secondary fine arts teachers represents all the fine arts teachers in the district. Committee members will be connecting with the fine arts teachers to gather this information. Students are entitled to a well-rounded education that includes the arts. Thank you to all our dedicated fine art teachers!


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