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Provo School District Teachers:

Looking for a summer job in June? Each summer for the past 48 years, Provo City School District, in conjunction with Provo City Parks and Recreation, has sponsored an Outdoor Education (summer camp) Program. Students just finishing fifth grade are invited to participate. It is called Camp Big Springs and is located up South Fork in Provo Canyon. The camp takes place for three weeks during June.

This year, there are several staff openings for teachers who would like to come up and work for the three weeks, teaching interactive outdoor science lessons, along with directly supervising fifth graders and generally having a great time with the kids. If you are interested, the openings and job descriptions have just been posted on the district website through the applicant portal.

If you would like more information or to see pictures or videos of our camp, feel free to visit the Camp Big Springs website at We hope to fill the positions quickly.