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Last night, Tuesday, December 10 was the monthly School Board meeting. The following topics were discussed:

  • Mark Wheeler, Facilities Director, provided an update on the settlement issues at Timpview High School and reported that new signs of settlement have continued to appear in the past few weeks. As part of this continued monitoring, additional steps will be taken beginning next week to know the extent of the settlement issues. Later this week, construction fencing will be placed on the south and west sides of Timpview. Starting next week, crews will begin to look closer at the foundation of the school to further understand what is happening as the school settles.
  • The school board discussed and approved a motion to assign signing authority to the Director of Student Privacy to sign approved, state vetted Data Protection Agreements that contain no edits.
  • Discussed and approved Calendar B as the school year calendar for the 2021-2022 school year.
  • Recognized Michael Bradley (Provo High), Julie Powell (Independence), Debbie Dewey (Special Education), Mary Warner (Family Liaison), and Esther Reid (Kindness Club Chair) as recipients of the Provo Way Award.
  • Heard a school report from Mike Barker, principal at Lakeview Elementary School

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