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  • If you attended a KEEP training in the month of June, your $125 stipend will come in your September 15 paycheck.
  • If you attended a KEEP training in the month of July or August, we haven’t received attendance lists from the USBE yet.
  • We hope to receive those lists in time for the October paycheck.

Entering Data

  • KEEP data is due in Data Gateway by September 30. It can take up to a week to resolve technical problems. Please check soon to make sure that all of your students are listed in Data Gateway.
  • There should be data for all students that were in your classroom within the first three weeks of KINDERGARTEN. For most schools, that is sometime between Sept. 12-14.
  • Please do not enter data for students who enrolled after the first three weeks of kindergarten.

Missing Students

If a student is in Powerschool, but not in DataGateway:

  1. Ask your school Registrar to run a Powerschool Error Report.
  2. Ask the Registrar to to fix the “errors.”
  3. Wait 48 hours for the students update.
  4. If a student is still missing after that, please ask your school Registrar to create a Work Order.
  5. If a student needs to be deleted, ask your school Registrar to create a Work Order.

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