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Why Integration and STEM?

Student Benefits

STEM is an equitable focus on requisite skills and knowledge in science and mathematics that nurtures students’ creativity and cognitive dispositions.  In our district, students work to build their abilities to collaborate, think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively.  Students have ownership of their learning and are more engaged.  They will build genuine interests that can mature into stackable and portable credentials.

Teacher Benefits

Educators that follow STEM pedagogy are developing PLCs that are based on efficient instructional design, collaboration, and visible learning strategies.  This facilitates the use of learning targets with clear success criteria.  It helps build stronger communication and leadership skills and makes the process of evaluations and SLOs easier.  Most teachers also increase their content knowledge and develop cooperative relationships with colleagues that make work more enjoyable.

Administrators and Leaders

STEM is a great way to increase collaboration among faculty and staff.  The creative problem-solving/engineering method can be used facility-wide to improve the implementation of learning targets, feedback and other visible learning strategies.  STEM philosophy can be used by administrators to develop a culture of collaboration and motivation. This may also lead to greater stability and higher teacher retention.  STEM’s real-world applications can also lead to increased community engagement.  Business and other organizational partners will be easier to attract and maintain when educators develop STEM related skills.