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STEM Fair – February 10, 2023

Helpful Tips for Teachers and Students:

Required Elementary and Secondary School Paperwork for all Projects:  Find the 2022 CUSEF Forms here:

ISEF Forms:

On occasion, depending on the project, you may be required to fill out extra forms from ISEF.

If your project moves past the district level or in order to qualify for scholarships (grade 9-12 only) you will need both CUSEF and ISEF forms prior to experimentation (CUSEF is for Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair, ISEF is for International Science and Engineering Fair). 

Find the: CUSEF Forms HERE (External Site) Find the: ISEF Forms HERE (External Site)

 ISEF Forms 1, 1A, and 1B must be completed by all students.

The other forms only need to be completed if the project requires them, instructions for other required paperwork is listed on Form 1. (For example, if my project required strong chemicals, (things other than found in a regular pantry) then I would be required to have Form 3: Risk Assessment and Form 2: Qualified Scientist.)

Each project is different; read through the forms carefully. Or fill out the ISEF Rules Wizard (links to external site) which should direct you to the forms you will need.

SRC (Scientific Review Committee)

Some projects require approval from a Scientific Review Committee (SRC), the SRC is a team of Scientists/Engineers who will double check your Science Fair Plan and make sure that your project is legal, and safe. SRC’s take a few days up to a month to approve a project, plan accordingly.