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Computer Science & STEM Supplies

Are you interested in teaching amazing Science, Engineering or Computer Science? 

Engineering Design Lessons

Numbers at the beginning of each lesson indicate the associated Science/CS Standards for that grade.

First Grade 1.2.2 Whale of a Tale! 1.2.4 Billy Goats Fluff Second Grade 2.1.3 The Castle Keepers 2.2.3 Hand Pollinators

Third Grade 3.3.1 Braving the Bridge 3.3.1 May the Force be With You

Fourth Grade 4.4.1 Bird Beaks 4.1.2 Hotel Honeycomb

Fifth Grade 5.1.1 The Floor is Lava 5.1.2 Water, Water Everywhere

Sixth Grade 6.2.1 Building Blocks of the World 6.1.3 Paint the Sky with the Stars

Computer Science Lessons

Fifth Grade Code and Go Mice: Algorithms, Number Scale, Inequalities, & Absolute Value Spheros: Predator vs Prey

Each school has a Science kit full of supplies. If you run out of supplies, fill out the REQUEST FORM.