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SEEd and STEM Material Check-Out

  1. Browse the table below to see what’s available to check out from the District Science Office:
  2. Fill out the REQUEST FORM:
  3. Science Supplies will be sent through District Mail to you.
Checkout list for SEEd and STEM suppliesNumber AvailableInventory/Lesson Plan Links
Art/Scribble Bots (kits)13Markers, masking tape, plastic cups, batteries with cases, gear set, motors, erasers, rubber bands.
Art/Scribble Bots (replacement markers)3030 random colored replacement markers will be sent.
Bee Bots with Mats (kit)3Programmable Bee Bots.
Blue Bots with Mats (kit)3Programmable Bot similar to Bee bots.
Buckets6Large grey buckets for water (3 gallon)
CB Radios4Mobile Radio, microphone and hook, mounting bracket, knobs, mounting hardware, antenna,
Clean Air (Breathe Utah)1Recommended for 6th grade
Codeable Mice with Grid (kit)10Each kit contains 2 blue codeable mice, grid, walls, tunnels, 2 cheese, instructions.
Dash Robot5dash robot, launcher and activity cards
Digital weight scales2for weighing a person.
Dinosaur bone1A large dino bone wrapped in plaster for display
Dissecting Microscope5
Earthquake Shaker Tables3tabletop shaker tables (13in x 13 in)
Electron Herding 101 (kit)1batteries with cases, motors, fans, cups, packing peanuts, balloons, paper clips, straws, popsicle sticks, lightbulbs with cases, switches, wire, glass microscope slides, pepper, alligator clips, lesson plan book. (recommended 5th grade)
Energy Transfer (kit)2packing peanuts, ping pong balls, puff rice cereal, poppers, straws, sawdust, string, nails, mini slinkys, balloons, nails, bouncy balls, cups, battery cases with batteries, alligator clips, rulers, wire, bubbles, metal washers, glass droppers, electric switches, mini compasses, magnets, plastic pop bottle tornado attachment. lesson plan book.  (recommended 3rd grade)
Finch Robots14Programmable robot,
Goose Neck Lamps3

Hot Plate

Hand Pollinators1glass test tubes, cotton balls, straws, PVC neck tubing, felt squares, straws, popsicle sticks, small glass stones, pipe cleaner, string, pom poms, eraser caps, tape, yarn, baking soda, paper cups, index cards, aluminum foil, lesson plan book.
Hummingbird Sets14 Hummingbird boxes come in a set, robotics set, LED lights, micro gear set, user guide.

Hydro Roller

18 gallon wheeled water container
Infrared Thermometers (mini)6classroom set of 30
Legos3Box of classic legos (1500 pieces)
Magnet Inquiry (kit)1A series of mini experiments, lessons included for: 2 magnet or not, 2 finding poles, 2 levitating, 2 magnetic strength, 1 stereoscope line of force, 1 navigating with magnets. Lesson plan binder, stop watch, index cards, pipe cleaner, tape, foam sheets, rubber bands,
Makey Makey (kit)11
Maps1Classroom Set (30 posters total) double sided full color 11×14 posters Selected Utah Fossils (side 1) and Selected Utah Mine Locations (side 2)
Map Compasses1Classroom Set (29 compasses total)
Matter and Heat Energy (kit)1mini-marshmallows, foam balls, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, wire, wooden blocks, bolts, heat clamps, candles, test tubes, rubber stoppers, food coloring, plastic cups, glass tubes, thermal ball and ring apparatus, lesson plan booklet. (6th grade recommended)
Micro.Bits with Alligator Clips (kit)7
Microscope7LED illuminated microscope
Mission to Mars6rocket launcher with bicycle pump
Moon Phases and Seasons kit2Earth globes, golf ball (moon models),  multimeters, large light setup with electrical strip, black light (kit arrives in 2 large grey bins)
Ozobot Robot (kit)318 ozobot robots, markers, foam marshmallows, charging cables, charging station,
Ozobot (Marker and Track kit)3Box of sticky tape track and marker for Ozobots (NO ROBOTS, supplies only, request with Ozobot Robot kit.)
Ozobot (wooden puzzle 96 pieces)9Box of 96 puzzle pieces that link together into a track for the Ozobot to follow. (NO ROBOTS, supplies only, request with Ozobot Robot kit.)
Physical and Chemical Changes Kit1Digital Scale, lesson plan book, salt, baking soda, tin foil pie plates, styrofoam cups, packing peanuts, small plastic cups, toothpicks, sand, test tubes, mentos, marshmallows, balloons, popsicle sticks, acetone, mini thermometers, magnets, vinegar, potassium iodide, Isocyanate, Tertiary Amine, Phenol Red, sodium tetraborate solution, Polyvinyl alcohol with bromophenol blue and florescein, ammonium nitrate, calcium chloride,
PLA Filament20bag of 10 random colors — Replacement filament for 3D printers.
Rocks1A box of interesting large rocks. Green River shale from Wyoming with Knightia fossil fish intact, large pumice stone (can float on water-I don’t suggest trying it due to size of specimen), gypsum, fossiliferous limestone, fossil echinoderm(sand dollar), amber (embedded insects), geode (2 with quartz crystals), trilobite fossil (intact with both sides including mold), petrified wood, 2 unidentified fossilized bone.
Rock ID Chart1Set (8 posters total) double sided color/B&W 11×14 posters: Rock ID Chart with color pictures (side 1), Rock ID chart B&W (side 2)
Rock Kit4Large bin of rock supplies, mini bags of rocks, rock bingo, hand lenses/magnifying glasses, books, posters, maps, lesson plans.
Rocks- Green River shale Fish Fossils4Large box of Green River shale fish fossils from Wyoming in various conditions.
Robot Kit (available Spring 2021- 6th grade)20
SAMS Lab Classroom (kit)1
Soil Kit1plastic storage containers, test tubes with various sand and soil samples for viewing, hand lens, cups, potting mix, tin foil trays, vinegar, potting containers, different bags of mulch, pebbles, or sand, ghost crystals (potassium acrylate), Calcium Carbonate.
Sphero (kit) 18 devices come with mini-iPads3
Straw Rocket Launcher3
Squishy Circuits (kit) (available Spring 2021)20Circuits, motors, battery holder, batteries, playdough, modeling clay, LED lights
Squishy Circuits replacement clay (available Spring 2021)1 pack of playdough and 1 pack of modeling clay will be sentPlaydough (conductor) Modeling clay (insulator)
Ten Make Money1
Tracks6long wooden tracks
Tub(for sand)1
Watercolor Thermal Lab (kit)1watercolors, watercolor trays, test tubes, test tube holders, pencil erasers, pencil sharpeners, graduated cylinders, thermal thermometer, multimeter, alligator clips, flashlight.

The following kits are not available yet, but they will be soon!

Coming Soon!Number AvailableInventory/Lesson Plan Links
Designing a Shade Shelter13foil, parchment paper, plastic table cloth, various fabrics, tissue papers, craft foam, cellophane, file folders, cardboard boxes, paint stir sticks, tape, colored printer paper, flashlights, string.
Solar Panels13Mini Solar Cells, White LED’s, batteries, battery snaps, paper plates, buzzer, alligator clips, solar panel house pattern
Biomimicry13tennis balls, foil, parchment paper, plastic table cloth, various fabrics, craft foam, rubber bands, tissue paper, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners.
Baby Yoda Force and Motion13

foam core for ramps, toy cars with big wheels, old file folders or card stock, rubber bands, popsicle sticks

Flashlight13straws, pipe cleaners, white LED, paper clips, paper fasteners, batteries (CR20232), popsicle sticks, binder clips, rubber bands, electric tape, tissue paper, gauge stranded wire, 3×5 cards.