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Provo City School District Microcredentials

Microcredentials Microcredentials are competency-based professional development that allows teachers to receive credit for new skills gained and skills mastered. Provo City School District’s microcredentials will be a hybrid of online, group and in-person learning. Each microcredential will require the participant to collaborate with a team of other learners from their own school or from around the district. Working directly with an instructional coach or microcredential facilitator is also required.

Microcredentials allow for teachers’ to increase their use of self-guided online resources and encourages them to work together to focus on planning, designing, and delivering instruction. Teachers are now able to choose the professional development that will best prepare them for the changing nature of their jobs, including technology and digital learning tools, analyzing student data to differentiate instruction, and implementing the State Common Core and other standards.

Microcredentials encourage teachers to participate in differentiated professional learning directly connected to their interest and desired skills. By gathering evidence of competency and classroom impact participants are able to earn microcredentials.

Provo City School District Microcredential

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Provo City School District offers a wide range of microcredentials for teachers at all levels.