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Annual Summer Institute

Registration is closed.

If you are still interested in attending please email Lara Davis at LaraD@provo.edu.

We are going paperless!

We’re providing all the handouts for this conference in a digital format. We recommend that you take a few minutes before the conference to download the necessary handouts. Don’t forget to bring your computer to the conference!

Access Summer Institute handouts here.

Our Presenters

Conference Image

  • Ainsley Rose
  • Visible Learning Associate
  • Kara Vandas
  • Co-author of Partnering with Students: Building Ownership of Learning
  • Steve Ventura
  • Contributor to Activate: A Leader’s Guide to People, Practices, and Processes AND Contributor to Data Teams: The Big Picture, Looking at Data Teams through a Collaborative Lens
  • Ken O’Connor
  • Author of A Repair Kit for Grading AND Author of How to Grade for Learning

Institute Schedule

Tuesday, May 30 – Visible Learning Day 1

8:30-9:45 Keynote SessionThe Call for Evidence-Based PracticeAinsley RosePHSAll
10:00-12:00 Breakout Session 1Understanding Self-Reported GradesKara VandasPHSAll
Understanding Collective Teacher EfficacySteve VenturaPHSAll
Understanding Teacher Estimates of AchievementAinsley RosePHSAll
1:30-3:30 Breakout Session 2Designing Instruction Where Students Self-AssessKara VandasPHSAll
Building Achievement TeamsSteve VenturaPHSAll
Leading Schools in VL Professional DevelopmentAinsley RosePHSSchool Leaders

Wednesday, May 31 – Visible Learning Day 2

8:00-10:00 Breakout Session 3Improving Self-Reported Grading in Elementary ClassroomsKara VandasPHSElementary educators
Improving Collective Teacher Efficacy in Secondary SchoolsSteve VenturaPHSSecondary educators
Improving Teacher Estimates of Achievement (repeated in Breakout Session 4)Ainsley RosePHSAll
10:15-12:15 Breakout Session 4Improving Self-Reported Grading in Secondary ClassroomsKara VandasPHSSecondary educators
Improving Collective Teacher Efficacy in Elementary SchoolsSteve VenturaPHSElementary educators
Improving Teacher Estimates of Achievement (repeat of Breakout Session 3)Ainsley RosePHSAll
1:45-3:30School Planning Sessions (VL consultants visit school sessions)PrincipalsPHSSchool- based groups

Thursday, June 1 – Grading Day

8:00-10:15Rethinking Scoring and Grading in Elementary SchoolsKen O’ConnorPHSElementary educators
10:30-12:00Leading Changes in Grading in a School and DistrictKen O’ConnorPHSSchool & District Leaders
1:15-3:30Rethinking Grading in Secondary SchoolsKen O’ConnorPHSSecondary educators