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TEDed is a website that teachers can use to present lessons to students. There are two types of TED-Ed lessons. The first, TED-Ed’s award-winning original lessons, represent collaborations between expert educators, screenwriters and animators. Each collaboration aims to capture and amplify a great lesson idea suggested by the TED community. The second type of TED-Ed lesson can be created by any website visitor, and involves adding questions, discussion topics and other supplementary materials to any educational video on YouTube. Both types of TED-Ed lessons are used regularly – in classrooms and homes – to introduce new topics to learners in an exciting, curiosity-inspiring way.


By the end of the lesson users will be able to: Sign up and use a TedEd account. Understand how to locate and use different lessons available on the TedEd site. Create your own TedEd lesson. Assign lessons to your students and assess what they know.

You can login to KYTE Learning using your district email as the username. The default password is your district ID. If you have any questions please contact


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