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Innovative Learning Project Overview

Provo Way Innovative Learning InitiativeStudents in lab

The Innovative Learning Initiative includes all uses of educational technology throughout the district. As a 1:1 district, it is essential that we use devices effectively to meet learning targets and develop our students’ digital literacy.

The Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative:

  • Models innovative pedagogical practices, often using technology
  • Provides professional learning and coaching opportunities for teachers
  • Supports the strategic use of a learning management system and other district-supported core technologies to enhance student success and school-home communication
  • Supports students and families in learning and using educational technologies
  • Communicates student and teacher innovation to the community
  • Ensures currency and future-thinking through state and national collaboration
  • Gathers teacher, student, family, community, and administrator input to inform decision-making
  • Establishes and implements consistent and transparent processes for educational technology requests and approvals

Our core projects include:

  1. Blended Learning: Empower teachers to strategically use our district-supported core technologies to engage students and provide instruction that meets each student’s unique learning strengths and needs.
  2. K-12 Computer Science: Develop teacher and school capacity to promote equitable, positive, and consistent experiences with computer science.
  3. Personalized, Competency-based and Self-directed Learning: Promote student engagement and achievement through individualized learning experiences and the development of self-regulation skills.
  4. Digital Citizenship, Literacy, and Wellness: Develop students’ skills in managing their use of technology to promote personal wellness, online citizenship, and future-ready skills.

More information on each of these projects is coming soon!