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District Supported Core Technologies

In order to best support teachers and students, we need to be consistent about the technologies we use in the district.

We have divided the possible technologies into three categories: district-supported, school-supported, and teacher-supported.

  • District-supported technologies are paid for by the district or state and supported by Innovative Learning. We will provide training and other resources to help you use these tools.
  • School- and teacher-supported technologies MUST first be approved by our district Data Privacy Coordinator, Clint Smith. If approved, technologies requested by schools are supported by those schools and teacher-supported schools are supported by individual teachers. 

Please note that only district-supported technologies can be integrated into Canvas.

The list of district-supported technologies is provided below, along with information on how to access and log in to each technology.

We have also created a Google Site to provide additional tutorials and resources for teachers and families.