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Vision Insurance

Provo City School District offers employees eligible for benefits the option to purchase vision insurance. Although the full cost of the premium is paid by the employee, Provo City School District acts as the administrator for the vision insurance and allows the premium to be deducted pre-tax as a payroll deduction.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vision Insurance

What is the name of the company who provides the vision insurance? Provo City School District currently provides a VSP vision plan through EMI Health.

Is there more than one vision plan available? No. Provo School District currently offers only one vision plan- VSP Choice Plus, administered by EMI Health. Within this plan, there is the option to purchase single, couple, or family coverage.

What is the cost of the vision insurance? The cost varies depending upon the coverage option. To get the most accurate cost for your individual situation, please contact the Benefits Office at Provo City School District or review the current 2021 Benefits Book.

How do I sign up for vision insurance? As a new eligible employee, you may sign up for vision insurance within the first thirty (30) days of your employment. If you are a current eligible employee, you will need to wait until the open enrollment period which occurs during the month of August.

Who is eligible to purchase vision insurance? Any contracted employee (classified or certified) of the Provo City School District is eligible to purchase vision insurance.

Can I make changes to my vision insurance? You can only make changes to your vision insurance during the open enrollment period which occurs during the month of August UNLESS you have had a recent “life change event” which includes marriage, birth, adoption, divorce or death. If a “life change event” has occurred, then you have thirty (30) days from the date of the event to make necessary change.

How do I make changes to my vision insurance? You will need to make any and all changes to your vision insurance including adding a spouse, a child or cancelling your insurance by logging into Employee Benefits Launchpad.

How do I find out what doctors are included in my vision insurance plan? You can search through all available doctors covered on your insurance plan by going onto your vision insurance plan’s website, www.emihealth.com and doing a “Provider Search” for VSP Choice Plus.

Can I get a new vision insurance card? Yes. If you need to get a new vision insurance card for any reason, contact EMI’s customer service department at 1-800-662-5851 to request new cards.