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Utah Professional License Renewal Instructions (FY 2023)


HR Directors strongly suggest you complete your renewal by the end of May, before summer break.

To see all the information about license renewal please visit the Utah State Board of Education Educator License Renewal Website.

To contact USBE Licensing, phone: 801.538.7740 or email:  

Credit & Hour Calculations

  • 1 University Credit = 18 renewal hours
  • 1 USBE Credit = 15 renewal hours
  • 1 District Credit = 18 hours
  • 1 hour of acceptable renewal activity = 1 renewal hour  

You may find this chart helpful:

Start Here

Start by Signing-in or Signing-up for a USIMS account and follow the checklist to confirm that all steps have been completed.

Fingerprinting & Background Check

Complete Fingerprints and Background check if needed. If your last cleared prints were initiated after July 1, 2015 and/or a FBI Rapback renewed status is documented in CACTUS / USIMS then you do not need to have your prints retaken.          

Fingerprinting for “WIN Name Check Only”

For educators who are not registered in FBI Rapback due to poor fingerprint quality, they must complete fingerprinting every two (2) years (R277-301-10).  They will be notified by USBE to complete fingerprinting and their CACTUS account will be flagged.  These educators will not qualify for funding, license renewals, etc. until the fingerprinting process is complete.   Review Fingerprinting for “WIN Name Check Only” for details.   

Student Data Privacy Training

Please print your certificate for your folder of renewing information in case of an audit or monitoring.

Ethics Review

This is a 15 to 20 minute review.

Suicide Prevention Training

There are two options:

  1. Complete this training on the USBE website – Click on “Enroll in Suicide Prevention Training”.  You must print the certificate of completion and keep it with your documentation.  You can use these 2 hours has renewal hours if you would like to.
  2. Complete the training on Safeschool/Vector Solutions – This is the preferred method (because you can always find the proof if USBE monitors you). Print the certificate of completion for this course. Use your Employee ID to log-in. You can use these 2 hours as renewal licensure hours.

IMPORTANT / REQUIRED: Use your 2 hour suicide prevention training in the Professional Learning category on page 2 of the renewal form.

The Renewal Form

If you need any help with this form, reach out to Diana Dean.

Renewal Form Tips

  • Active Educators can use the USBE COVID hours.
  • USBE only wants 100 hours documented with verification (or slightly over 100 hours).
  • You may find acceptable hours for renewal on MIDAS Transcript.
  • For ideas of acceptable hours for renewal, read each of the category headings (in blue) on the renewal form.      

After you complete the requirements/steps, meet with your Licensed Administrator to review your supporting document and obtain signatures and approval on the renewal form.  You must provide the completed renewal form and all supporting documentation for review.  


Complete the on-line renewal process through USIMS. Keep the form and all documentation for your records for 24 months for monitoring or a previously called audit.