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Salary Level Advancement

Acceptable Salary Level Advancement Activities

In order to receive salary level advancement, professional learning activities must fall into the categories identified below. These categories are adapted from R277-500 of the Utah Office of Education Board Rules. Only professional learning activities that have been completed since the previous salary placement will be considered for the current salary change request.

Salary Level Advancement Application Form

Salary level changes may occur at anytime during the school year, August to April. This application and all validation of credits/points must be submitted to the Provo City School District Personnel Office by the last working day of the month.

Upon approval of credits/points the pay for the new salary level will begin the following month the application was made. The check reflecting the new rate will be distributed on the normal pay date. For credit/point verification, please contact Diana Dean, dianad@provo.edu

For more information contact:

  • Diana Dean
  • Email: dianad@provo.edu
  • Work: (801)374-4823
  • Cell: (801)857-0732