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Employee Evaluation is a key component in the 20-20 Initiative requiring a quality teacher in every classroom and a quality principal in every school. Evaluations are an essential part of professional growth and to ensure that high quality employees are in place to carry out the District Improvement Plan. These evaluations are critical to assisting employees to promote reflection, receive feedback, and to facilitate growth.

Licensed Educators

The Utah State Board of Education has adopted a plan for Educator Effectiveness. The Effective Educator Standards are a description of highly effective teaching and leading strategies as adopted by the Utah State Board of Education. The standards provide a resource for educators throughout the state of Utah to analyze and prioritize expectations for high quality instruction and leadership. Certified employees will complete a self-assessment each year to help familiarize them with the evaluation tool and to help them set goals with a supervisor as part of a professional growth plan. All certified staff members will be evaluated each year as part of a formative or summative process.

Education Support Professionals

ESP employees will be evaluated on an annual basis by his/her supervisor. PSD uses an online tool to rate employees on essential dispositions and on performance related to assigned job descriptions.

ESP employees will complete a self –assessment each year to help familiarize themselves with the evaluation tool, and to help set goals with a supervisor each year.