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This week’s feature is Megan Metcalf. Megan has been teaching for six years. She teaches second grade at Rock Canyon Elementary. Megan comes from a family of teachers where education has always been a prevalent part of life. She loves children. Here is what Megan wrote about her reason for teaching:

Why I Teach…

by Megan Metcalf

Teaching feels so natural to me; almost like a calling. I feel such a responsibility to my students to help them grow, learn, and feel loved. I can’t imagine myself being this happy doing anything else. I couldn’t teach for 8 hours a day, take assignments and lessons home with me, and plan on the weekends and over holidays/breaks if I didn’t love what I do! I love that I have a responsibility to shape young minds and help them develop a thirst for knowledge and improvement. What greater duty than to help a soon-to-be adult learn empathy, conflict resolution, or persevering through adversity? There is nothing better than watching a child as they figure out how to sound out a word they’ve never read before or realize that they just solved a math problem without any help. I love how diverse and spread out the academic and emotional needs of my students are each year. It’s a challenge to figure out how to differentiate everything so that each child can be successful, but I love it! It’s the job that I chose and will continue to choose year after year!