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This week’s feature is Mathew Wheatley, a geography and psychology teacher at Timpview. Mathew is in his fourth year of teaching. Mathew wants his students to understand that they are important and they have something to contribute to society. Here is what Mathew wrote about his reasons for teaching:

Why I Teach…

by Mathew Wheatley

I teach because every student that goes to school deserves to have a good experience. I want students to look forward to coming to school. I want ever student that I come into contact with to know that I am on their side and have their best interest in mind.

I teach because every stage in life is vital in preparation for life success. I want to build off the previous work of elementary and middle school teachers to make sure the high school stage is beneficial. I teach so that this stage is successful by helping students learn life skills, self-advocacy and relevant content. Nothing brings greater joy to my professional life than to see students leave my class more confident and prepared for what they will face going forward.