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This week’s feature is Lisa Roundy, a kindergarten teacher at Spring Creek Elementary. Lisa is in his twentieth year of teaching. Lisa is hoping to make a difference in the lives of children through love. Here is what Lisa wrote about her reasons for teaching:

Why I Teach…

by Lisa Roundy

It seams that teachers are asked why it is that they went into the teaching profession and what it is that keeps them coming back day after day. There are probably as many different answers to this question as there are teachers. When asked why I teach many reasons why go through my mind. As I have reflected on the reasons I teach, I believe that it all comes down to the fact that I care about children and the future. Each reason why I teach has caring at its roots.

I truly want each child to feel valued, listened to, and capable. Each day I have countless opportunities to affect the lives of the precious kiddos that have been entrusted to my care. It’s in the small moments each day that I am able to show my students that I care. The relationships I build with my students are very important to me. How many others can say that they receive hand made art, dandelion bouquets, and hugs at work? These little gestures bring a smile to my face and help remind me what is really important. Each day I am surrounded by love and it is an honor to be able to teach students and love them while they are in my care. (Essay continued below video.)

I teach for the “ah-ha” moments. It’s the greatest thing in the world to witness a student’s face light up as they realize that they now understand, and can do, something new that was once challenging for them. Being able to be a part of these moments is amazing. It brings me joy and makes the challenging times worth it. I truly believe in the potential of each child. I love that I can have such a positive influence on the future as I help children build confidence in themselves and their ability to accomplish difficult things.

I am also blessed to be able to celebrate the large and small accomplishments of my students though out the day and the school year. I take great pride in their hard work and growth as the year goes by. Together we are laying a foundation for their future successes. Not only do I have the chance to inspire my students to become their best selves, I also help them develop the tools that they need to be successful.

Teaching is a profoundly challenging and rewarding job. It is something that I am passionate about. I cannot think of any other professions that are as rewarding as teaching.


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