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This week’s feature is Christine Giles, a kindergarten teacher at Edgemont Elementary. Christine was a former Provo student herself and remembers watching and admiring her teachers. She teaches because she enjoys helping children discover and develop their natural abilities. Here is what Christine wrote about her reasons for teaching:

Why I Teach…

by Christine Giles

I was born to teach. I cannot ignore the deep desire I have to motivate, encourage and inspire young minds. This desire has drawn me to the classroom where I feel at home.

I love to learn. Every day I learn something new. I learn from the diverse abilities and perspectives of my students. I learn new methods of teaching, classroom management and curriculum from my experience colleagues. Daily learning keeps my mind active and strong. (Essay continued below video.)

I feel a sense of accomplishment every day. The best moment as a teacher is witnessing a student grasp a concept for the first time. I feel satisfaction watching students progress academically and socially during the school year, mastering essential skills that will prepare them for the future.

I feel a sense of belonging. I am surrounded by inspiring colleagues who motivate me to be a better teacher every day. We share our knowledge, best practices, encouragement and build friendships that make the work place enjoyable and rewarding.

I thrive on the challenges of teaching. I never have a dull moment in my Kindergarten classroom. I have learned to be flexible, keep a sense of humor, be patient and persevere through the daily challenges of teaching young children. I have developed a growth-oriented mindset that motivates me to tackle any obstacles that come my way.

I am a mentor. My students look to me for guidance. They listen as I teach them how to treat others and themselves. I teach them to do their best and go above and beyond what is expected. I often make mistakes and use them as opportunities to teach my students that failure and success work together.

I receive pure and unconditional love from my students. I feel that I am important in the lives of my students. I know I am making a positive contribution and receive the best kind of pay each day as they enter my classroom—happy and eager to learn.