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The 2021-2022 Wellness Year for Provo City School ended on April 30, 2022. We had an excellent and productive year.

Our renewal rate for the 2022-2023 medical insurance is 2.6%. Congrats to all who participated.

We finished with the following percentages on our metrics:

  • Create a SelectHealth Account. 97%
  • Select a Primary Care Physician. 81%
  • Complete a Health Screening 87%
  • Complete online Health Assessment (health check). 72%
  • Complete Digital Health Coaching (journey). 66%
  • Complete 2 Activity Campaigns (challenges). 71%
  • Complete one or more Cancer Screenings 65%

We hit all metrics at 70% except Journeys and Cancer Screenings. Great Job and let’s hit 70% on all next year.

Thank you for participating in the Wellness Program. Stay tune for some fun Summer activities. Check out our social media pages

  • Instagram. pcsdwellness

Download SelectHealth metrics page


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