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Now that the first deadline has come and gone, congratulations to those that completed the 1st Quarter Requirements!

Incentives will be distributed later this month for those that met the requirements. If you weren’t able to meet the first requirements, you can still work to finish the other quarter’s requirements to be eligible for the other incentives.

The second quarter has now started. These requirements are to be finished by February 18th for you to be eligible to receive the second incentive:

1. Enroll in Digital Health Coaching through MyHealth 2. Complete one Activity Campaign through Virgin Pulse*

*REMINDER: If you have been participating in the World Tour Challenge and have been logging your steps at least once a week, you will get credit for the two Activity Campaigns that are required for the wellness program.

If you have any questions or need help with the wellness program, please contact your Wellness Manager at your location, visit the HR website or email Becca Trippe at

2nd Quarter Informational Flyer

Wellness Program Infographic