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Here are some reminders regarding the wellness program:

1. If you are participating in The Great American Adventure Team Step Challenge, make sure that you are uploading your steps to Virgin Pulse at least once a week, otherwise you may not get credit for this Activity Campaign. If you do not go into the app or online and add your steps once a week, we cannot guarantee that you will get credit through the system that has been set up by Virgin Pulse. Also, the winning team in the District will get the trophy so get out there and walk!

2. Make sure that you are finishing up what needs to be done for the 2nd Quarter by February 18th so that you can earn the incentive:

  • Digital Health Coaching
  • One Activity Campaign

To verify that you have completed these tasks, please refer to your MyHealth account to look for check-marks. If you still have a question about it, ask your Wellness Manager or reach out to Becca Trippe.

3. Are you trying to be healthier this year and want a discount on gym memberships at either the Provo Recreation Center or at VASA Fitness? Reach out to Becca Trippe for the special enrollment code (VASA only) or visit the Provo Recreation Center to set up your membership!

4. Look ahead to next quarter’s requirements for the wellness program to make sure that you finish those by the 19th of April. The requirements for the 3rd quarter are:

  • One Activity Campaign (this is in addition to the one due by February 18th)
  • Respond to an email check-in*

*This can be done after you have completed the Digital Health Coaching Program or the Health Assessment. An email will come to you 30 days and 90 days after the completion of either one that specifically says “Check-in.” Click on the link and answer a few questions about how you are doing. Please note: this link is only active for 21 days. Respond as soon as possible to ensure that you can get this checked off for your requirements.

5. If you receive or have received a card in the mail or a letter about Disease Management/Pre-diabetes from SelectHealth, please read it as there may be opportunities for you to earn more incentives directly from SelectHealth. This information can also be found on your MyHealth Account under “Progress Tracking and Rewards.” If your page is blank, this means that you do not need to worry about doing anything else.

If you have any questions about the wellness program, contact your Wellness Manager at your location or email Becca Trippe at