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With February coming to a close, here are some things to keep in mind regarding the wellness program:

1. Activity Campaigns/Amazing Architecture

The next team step challenge starts today, the 25th of February! This is the last team challenge that you can participate in before the 3rd Quarter deadline. If you only have one Activity Campaign completed and you didn’t participate in the last challenge, this is your chance to earn your 3rd Quarter incentive! The attached poster has more information on this upcoming challenge.

You are also welcome to complete 7,000 steps a day for 20 days out of the calendar month to earn your incentive. You are able to do this challenge multiple times to receive credit, even if you have already used it for one of your Activity Campaigns. If you are completing the Healthy Habit Challenges Virgin Pulse advertises, just remember that 4 of those challenges equal one Activity Campaign.

REMINDER: You MUST log your steps every week in Virgin Pulse, otherwise you may not get credit. You can miss a couple of days and go back to log them, however if you miss a week, there is a very good chance you will not get credit for the Activity Campaign.

2. 2nd Quarter Requirements

Make sure that you are finishing up the requirements for the 2nd Quarter by February 28th to earn the next incentive:

• Enroll in Digital Health Coaching* • One Activity Campaign

*SelectHealth has provided a video that walks through enrolling and what to expect. The link for this is Click on “Take a Digital Coaching Program” to see the specific video. (Please note: the link has not worked on phones. Please open the link on a computer and make sure that you enable flash in order to play the video.)

3. 3rd Quarter Requirements

Look ahead to next quarter’s requirements for the wellness program to make sure that you finish them by the 30th of April (The deadline has been extended so that individuals can finish up Activity Campaign options). The requirements for the 3rd quarter are:

• One Activity Campaign (this is in addition to the one due by February 28th) • Respond to an email check-in**

**This can be done after you have completed the Digital Health Coaching Program or the Health Assessment. An email will come to you 30 days and 90 days after completing either one that specifically says “Check-in.” Click on the link and answer a few questions about how you are doing. Please note: this link is only active for 21 days. Respond as soon as possible to ensure that you can get this checked off for your requirements. If you did not respond to either of those emails, the email will come every 90 days after the first two attempts. If you are not insured and have completed this requirement, please reach out to your Wellness Manager to report it.

4. Disease Management / Pre-diabetes from SelectHealth

If you receive a letter in the mail from SelectHealth about Disease Management / Pre-diabetes, please read it as there may be opportunities for you to earn more incentives directly from SelectHealth.

If you have any questions about the wellness program, feel free to reach out to your Wellness Manager at your location or Becca Trippe at! The instructions below can also help you understand how to complete the specific requirements.

Amazing Architecture Activity Flyer 

Wellness Program Instructions