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Did you know about these 3 things that come with the new wellness program!?

1. Discounts on gym memberships

Did you know that all Provo City School District employees can get a gym membership at the Provo Recreation Center or at VASA Fitness for a discounted price?

  • For the Provo Recreation Center, simply sign up at the gym and let them know that you are a PCSD employee.
  • For VASA Fitness, you can sign up directly in the gym and let them know that you are a PCSD employee or contact Becca Trippe ( for a special code to use to sign up online.

2. Wellness Managers

Did you know that all of the schools have a designated Wellness Manager? If you didn’t, ask your administration who it is!

  • They are there to help you with the wellness program and can answer questions that you have about it! These Wellness Managers are wonderful and are willing to help you check off employee engagements for the wellness program.

3. World Tour Challenge

Did you know that there is an Activity Campaign that starts tomorrow, Tuesday, the 16th of October through VirginPulse?

  • It’s true–our first Activity Campaign is about to start! If you participate on a team in the challenge for all eight weeks, you will get BOTH of your Activity Campaign engagements checked off for the wellness program!
  • Every week you must upload your steps from a device or manually add them to your VirginPulse account on your phone or on the computer to get credit for the two Activity Campaigns.
  • You can even add rival teams and see who can get the most steps by the end of the challenge.

Who is ready to walk around the world!?

If you have any questions about the wellness program or any of the details above, please reach out to your Wellness Manager at your location or to Becca Trippe (

World Tour Informational Flyer