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We have changed the tasks for the second quarter!

One Activity Challenge: 

We wanted to give you more time to finish a journey, so we have extended the deadline to April 30. Remember, one journey is required (and only if you did not complete a digital coaching prior to the December 31 deadline).

You may ask, “What does this mean for the 3rd quarter?” We flipped flopped the last two quarters. The tasks for the third quarter are:

one activity challenge

one digital coaching or journey completion

The second quarter ends February 29th. The current team challenge will work as an activity challenge for the second quarter.

IMPORTANT: Log into Virgin Pulse weekly to upload your steps!

If you have any questions or concerns with the Wellness program, MyHealth or Virgin Pulse please contact Catherine Miner.

Thank you for supporting our Wellness program!

Wellness News Flyer 


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