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Try This Strategy!

360° Words

360° words is a great vocabulary strategy to help students remember and use new words. Students come up with a movement, a visual, a definition, and a connection for each word. To see the strategy in action and download a graphic organizer for students to use, click here! [—move-it!-make-it!-mean-it!]


Looking for a way to help your students get used to recording themselves? Check out! Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a discussion platform where teachers post topics and students answer in video or audio format. Students can view and reply to each other’s videos as well for extra listening practice.

Here are some ways to start using Flip today:

  • get-to-know-you questions
  • reading reflections with stories in Bridges
  • 30-second summary of what students learned in class
  • pronunciation practice
  • reading fluency practice

Great news! Watch this video from the Flip team to see why.

Curriculum Corner

Get Reading Teacher Guide

Vista Online has a teacher guide for your Get Reading book sets. The guide includes vocabulary, activities, and quizzes to go with each book. Although the books directly correspond with units in the Get Ready program, you can use the guide to help design small-group instruction for students working with Bridges as well. See how to find the teacher guide from the VHL homepage