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This month, we are focusing on celebrating our Education Support Professionals. This week, we are recognizing different groups that fall under the Educational Support Professional title and today we are celebrating our district instructional assistants!

Instructional assistants do so much for our students and teachers. They are the individuals that aid children in their education, whether it be through curriculum assistance, behavior support, running after-school programs or helping with any other school day tasks. Our schools would not run as smoothly without them.

Debbie Larson, the LRR supervisor at Amelia Earhart Elementary said, “truthfully, the very best part of my job is when I’m walking down the hall and a student, who has been with me in LRR, sees me and says, ‘Mrs. Larson! I’m so excited! I haven’t had to come to the LRR for so many weeks/days’. They are just so thrilled – I get hugs and high fives because they are so happy that they have taken control of their choices and are being successful in their classroom setting”.


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