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10 feet hight, 154 feet in length, 80 window panes, 40,000 individual pieces, and 4 years of production. 

Roots of Knowledge is a panorama of history and human drama. The intricate details incorporated into every window represent years of painstaking research on the events and people that shaped humankind from the days of wooly mammoths and cavemen to the iPhone. Reach out directly to UVU Education Coordinator,

“Finding Home” includes an interactive tour of Roots of Knowledge (storytelling, poetry, mindfulness exercises, games, etc) followed by an art making activity. The tour and art making experiences explore the concepts of home, identity, and community and last a total of 120 minutes. The field trip program is rooted in Utah State Core Curriculum Standards and can currently accommodate up to 70 students at a time. We’ve been given a grant by the Larry H. Miller Foundation, so groups who come to participate in our pilot program will be reimbursed for all bus fees.