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Teachers interested in receiving UVU credit for LETRS course 3 (units 5-6) will need to *register by emailing Nathan Criman at UVU ( Please copy the information below into the email:

  • Subject Line: Late Registration for 520R
  • District: Provo City School District
  • UVU ID#: ___________
  • 5 Digit CRN#: _ 37024
  • EDUC 520R
  • Participant Name: ____________

UVU Course Registration Fees $45 

*These registration instructions are only for those who have previously completed the UVU endorsement program admissions process and have completed an endorsement course in the past two years. If you have not been admitted as a UVU endorsement program student, you will not be able to register for any endorsement courses until you complete the online admission process as outlined here. 

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