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The Technology Department has updated the Sophos Antivirus software on all computers throughout the district. You may see more notifications as you go about your daily work. However, in most cases you will not need to do anything.

Sophos Antivirus will automatically quarantine adware, malware, and other unwanted applications. It does not completely remove them unless triggered by the management software. If you have a file or program that is marked as “Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) that you would like to keep, please create a work order with the listed name of the application and the Request-Type: Anti-Virus.

To clean up quarantined software in Sophos Antivirus on your Mac:

  • Select the Sophos icon from the menu bar.sophos icon
  • Click “Open Quarantine Manager…”
  • Highlight the list item you wish to remove
  • Click the “Cleanup” button and approve the removal

To clean up quarantined software in Sophos Antivirus on your Windows machine:

  • Open Sophos from either the start menu or notification icons. sopho win icon
  • Select the items displaying this option and then click Perform action > Clean up. Further action may be required such as a reboot.
  • If quarantine is unable to remove the item, the file may have already been removed (unplugged with a usb drive). If not, locate and run the uninstaller for the application.

If these two methods do not work, please file a work order and we will get a tech over right away.


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