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Stanford Graduate School of Education, S.H. Cowell Foundation, and the Gates Foundation have teamed up to offerer three FREE Online PD courses this fall and USBE will offer credit for the courses through the new MIDAS system. This online opportunity can be done individually or with a team (team recommended in the online setting).


Constructive Classroom Conversations: Improving Student-to-Student Interactions (10/3/17– 1/23/18)

To address college- and career-ready standards that emphasize the importance of speaking, listening, and conversing, Professor Kenji Hakuta and Drs. Sara Rutherford-Quach and Jeff Zwiers are offering a streamlined and revised course that focuses on helping teachers prepare students, particularly language learners, to have in-depth conversations about content area concepts and topics. Find out more about this course on the Stanford University website.

Integrating Language Development and Content Learning in Math: Focus on Reasoning (10/3/17 – 3/6/18)

Taught by Drs. Jeff Zwiers, Phil Daro, and Shelbi Cole, this course helps teachers improve learning activities that foster mathematical reasoning and language. It includes instructional activities to meet the needs of language learners and other students who struggle with the language demands of learning math. Find out more about this course on the Stanford University website.


California Leadership for English Learner Success (10/3/17 – 1/19/18)

Guided by the instructors, Maria Santos, Steven Weiss, Dr. Annie Camey Kuo, and Professor Claude Goldenberg, this course is for California educational leaders and their teams to gain a better understanding of EL students in their context, examine existing systemic structures, and develop or refine an EL implementation plan to propel systemic change and shift practices. Find out more about this course on the Stanford University website.

Understanding Language Informational Flier