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Innovative Learning and Communications are joining forces, expanding the district Student Art Contest to invite students to share their voices through both visual art and film. We want to make this a showcase to highlight the amazing creative projects our students are already doing.

Showcase Your Student’s Art

This is how it will work.  Teachers, you just keep doing what you do best!  The only thing we ask is that you watch out for those amazing pieces of art, that great picture your third grader drew, that well crafted ukulele your best woodworking student made and any other visual creation that you feel is worthy to show the community in the “This is Us” showcase, April 11 at Provo High.  Set that project aside and let us know about it.  We will come pick it up and store it for the show.  We would also love for the artists you choose to write a brief artist statement. 

If you are unsure about what qualifies please reach out to us.  We would love to talk with you.  Our goal is to show the community the creativity that comes from the classrooms in Provo.

Student Film 

Along with our visual arts showcase we will have a film festival.  While teachers may incorporate this in their class work, all students are invited to submit their work. This is also an exciting project for clubs. Please share this opportunity with your colleagues and students! 

Share the above webpage and flier with your students.  Film projects align to standards for narrative writing, selection of media to communicate a message, civics, citizenship, and the Constitution, the impact of social and political movements, cultural heritage, and many others.

Festival Information

The district will hold an art showcase and film festival Gala Event on March 25, 2023 at Provo High School.  We will be showcasing the best student art and film from ALL of our schools in Provo City School District.  

For More Information

  • Kayleen Nelson, District BTS & Fine Arts Curriculum Specialist at
  • Jim Davis, Educational Technology Specialist at
  • Shauna Sprunger, Coordinator of Communications at
  • Clay Bingham, CTE Director at

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