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What: It is a 1-hour long Zoom meeting to learn about SEEd storylines and using them in the classroom.

When: 2nd-grade workshop March 2, 4-5 pm 4th-grade workshop March 3, 4-5 pm 6th-grade workshop March 4, 4-5 pm

In addition, teachers who do the following will be sent a $100 stipend:

  1. Attend the workshop.
  2. Download the lesson.
  3. Come up with a learning target/Success criteria goal for how to use this lesson in their classroom.
  4. Use this lesson in the classroom, or during PLC (take a picture).
  5. Reflect on how the lesson worked, by answering the following: (1. What did the students do to engage in the Science SEEd practice? 2. What was the goal, how close to the learning target did the students get? 3. Did students met the success criteria? 4. How could this lesson be improved? 5. Are there any supports that the STEM department could provide for this lesson?)

To receive the stipend—Submit the following to the STEM coordinator: Amy Rosenvall (

  1. A paper documenting attendance. (Sent by LLPA)
  2. The written goal identifies the learning target and success criteria for classroom use.
  3. 1 picture of student/PLC work.
  4.  A short reflection paragraph.
  5. Name and Email.

Submission for stipend

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Aquarium Science Workshop Flyer