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After finishing the Great American Adventure team step challenge, our “Tenacious Tigers” from Timpanogos Elementary took First Place, not only out of the teams from Provo City School District, but also out of all of the teams that participated across the state of Utah.

The Tenacious Tigers consisted of Provo City School District employees from Timpanogos Elementary. These employees were Malia Siufanua, Mackenzie Prete, Jennie Johnson, Teresa Tovar, Melinda Huff, Ramona Johnson, Rodney Price, and Sarah Payton. They stole the traveling trophy from the World Warriors and will hold on to it until the next team challenges their triumph!

Westridge’s team “WW#1” also came close to the top taking Fourth Place overall and 2nd Place for Provo City School District! Way to go everyone!!

Do you think you can beat them in this next team challenge and steal the trophy from them? We will have to see! Good luck everyone and thanks for your participation!

photo of score results from competition


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