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Bring the wonder of all five venues at Thanksgiving Point right to your classroom with our new virtual field trips! Each venue offers a unique learning experience for grades K-12. All virtual field trips last 45 minutes within a 1 hour and 15-minute time slot.

  • Explore our farm, where you will explore the features of live animals, what they need to survive, and how they compare to their parents.
  • Take your class on an engineering adventure! Our educators will introduce a scientific concept and real-world problem to your students and walk them through engineering design process as they test and refine, build a prototype, and apply what they have learned to the everyday problems that engineers solve
  • Dive into the history of ancient life with Thanksgiving Point educators as your guide! Discover what it takes to be a paleontologist, explore how erosion changes the earth’s surface, learn how fossils can be used to make inferences about their environment, and much more!
  • Learn about habitats, life cycles, adaptions, ecosystems, a butterfly release and much more.
  • Share the joy of spring with your students on a virtual tour of our Tulip Festival! This tour will introduce your class to the seasonal changes happening in the Ashton Gardens and connect weather and climate patterns to the life cycles and adaptions of plants.

More information on the Thanksgiving Point website here.