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Teaching and Learning for Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD: From Research to Classroom Experience

An estimated one in five students has a learning disability or attention issue. Many are underserved in schools because programs too often emphasize deficits and ignore strengths. In this edWebinar, through a whole-child framework, we will discover what the research says matters for supporting students with learning disabilities and ADHD in being able to learn, meet their potential, and feel a sense of belonging in their schools and classrooms. We will present how these ideas can be incorporated into the IEP process with the goal of providing you with steps to take to build an inclusive environment that has high expectations and support for all students with learning disabilities.

We also will engage in conversation with two young adults with learning disabilities and a parent of a child with learning disabilities. They will share their experiences of what works—and what doesn’t—in a school environment. During this edWebinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand key research findings that have an impact on teaching and learning for students with learning disabilities, particularly in the areas of writing, math, reading, attention, emotion, and executive functioning
  • Recognize the importance of using student strengths to mitigate deficits
  • Discover ways to include the research findings and a strength-based approach in writing IEPs
  • Hear first-hand accounts from students about what works for them to learn best in a school environment

This edWebinar will be of interest to PreK-12 teachers, librarians, school counselors, and school and district leaders. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

Wednesday, Sep. 21 at 3 pm


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