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Here is another instructional strategy you can use in Tier 1 with your students that will benefit your multilingual learners! This strategy focuses on improving the writing and speaking domains. Students are given a writing prompt from their Wonders Weekly selection. Together the class looks at the prompt and clarifies what the prompt is asking them to do. Then, students verbally answer the prompt with a partner. By talking about it first, students are able to generate ideas and have a better focus on what they need to write down. After talking about the prompt and finding evidence in the text, students write down their responses to the prompt. Students then work with another partner to share their writing responses and are given time to revise their responses to add more information or clarify their thoughts. Finally, the class shares their responses with the whole class. This strategy can be completed with any writing prompt in literacy, social studies, math, or science!

If you have any questions about how to help your multilingual students, please reach out to your Title 1 Coordinator, Facilitator, or Assistant Principal.