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Secondary District Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

On January 23, 2023, Our committee was able to start a google document that will serve as our needs analysis document.  In the document, we have teacher input of curriculum notebook use and current curriculum materials’ alignment to state standards.  We also took upon ourselves the assignment to review current curriculum materials to effective, evidence-based teaching practices.  The committee also expressed their concerns with the district interim assessments and I agreed to bring their concerns to the T&L leadership team.

Elementary District Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

January 23, 2023

The Elementary District Literacy Committee met in a joint meeting with our school’s Early Literacy Coordinators this month. We reviewed the expectations for LETRS completion, including important dates and deadlines. District Wonders Interim guidelines and procedures were discussed. Dates for Interim Test 1 and 2 are reviewed and clarified. Professional Development opportunities for Wonders were discussed. The rest of the meeting time was spent reviewing the Wonders materials with the Utah State Literacy Framework in mind as teachers worked in grade levels to identify resources in Wonders that can be used to address the framework areas. Please see your school DLC representative for more information.

District World Language Committee Meeting Report

DWLC January 23 meeting summary:

  • Discussion over a slight change of direction: since World Language Curriculum will most likely come from various places (depending on each language’s needs) there will not be an RFP after all (RFP is reserved for large orders), which means that instead of having publishers come to us, we will have to go to them.
  • Discussion over funding sources.
  • Discussion over the need to also be thinking about common assessment (which was identified as a need during year 1): AAPPL from ACTFL might be an option, some teachers prefer the STAMP test from Avant. Further discussion will be needed.
  • Language groups started gathering potential publishers.
  • Committee members will have a chance to talk to vendors at the SWCOLT convention held in Salt Lake City on February 23-25, 2023. Committee members will make sure to not only look for the levels they teach but all for needed levels and to ask for samples from publishers.

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