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Elementary District Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

The Elementary District Literacy Committee met to review state expectations for literacy this year, specifically those that pertain to Senate Bill 127. Dates and expectations for the District ELA interim assessments were clarified. The first interim test target date is January 27. School DLC reps are training teachers on administration of this test. Information about our district Wonders implementation Professional Development plan was shared and schools have been provided an Instructional Paths PD that school Early Literacy Coordinators will present to school faculties.

District World Language Committee Meeting Report

DWLC December 5, 2022 meeting summary

Final review/editing of rubric

Committee discussed several elements of the rubric in more depth to insure that it worked for every language and that it was specific to our needs yet general enough to allow for the review of a variety of potential curriculum

Assessment of numbers needed (grades, number of students/level, number of classroom sets…) in preparation for the RFP

Overview of the RFP process (Judy Rose)

Secondary Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

This week, the Secondary Literacy Committee reviewed survey data about the use of the Curriculum Notebooks and current common assessments. Our next step is to gather data about how our current curriculum aligns with the Utah State ELA Standards. In our meeting, we also extended the Middle-of-Year testing window from December 5th-January 27th to allow teachers more flexibility at the end of second term and beginning of third term.


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