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Elementary District Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

The Elementary District Literacy Committee met on Oct. 24 to discuss continued support for teachers with the implementation of Wonders. Results from the surveys of teacher PD needs was reviewed. Based on the survey results, options for different Wonders Professional Development topics and forums were presented. DLC members will work with their school teams to decide which options will best suit their needs.

The DLC also discussed information from the state regarding implications of SB 127 including the required use of evidence based and evidence informed materials, state data from literacy assessments (Acadience, ELA RISE), and a review of the goals of the bill, which is to achieve proficiency in reading in at least 70% of 3rd graders. We reviewed our district data to gauge where we are at in regards to that goal.

Elementary ELA Interim tests were clarified. All elementary teachers should administer the Acadience BOY, MOY, and EOY. Teachers should also administer the Interim tests from the PCSD test bank. The target date for administration for Interim test #1 is January 27, 2023.

Secondary District Literacy Committee Meeting Summary

In this stage of our curriculum review, the secondary literacy committee is collecting data about the current curriculum that we have–the MyPerpectives textbook. This week we learned that it is on the State’s RIMS list (approved curriculum) and that a new edition was released in 2022. Our task this month with our PLCs is to determine if it follows the State ELA Core and if it includes research-proven teaching practices.

District World Language Committee Meeting Summary

DWLC October 24, 2022 meeting summary:

  • Further review of the Phase I conclusion document
  • Review of resources available through USBE to help guide Phase II
  • Review of USBE’s Instructional Material Review Form
  • Discussion of the need to look for additional examples of rubrics that we will tailor to our needs during our November meeting
  • Language group discussions: beginning of the elaboration of a list of what each language would like to find in a potential curriculum