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Have you been thinking about getting a(nother) math endorsement? Do you like paying for your University coursework with hard work and effort versus your hard earned money? Do you like getting a reward for accomplishing a big goal?

If any of these are true of you, head on over to our STEM Endorsement Incentive Program (EIP) FAQ through this link.  If you are in the process of or decide to start taking courses related to coursework that results in any USBE endorsement in mathematics, computer science or science, we can reimburse you (up to $1500/course) for the tuition, fees and materials (minus technology)! Additionally, once you finish a qualifying endorsement, you’ll be eligible for a completion incentive for earning that endorsement as a Utah Teacher!

Interested in getting started? Talk to your LEA representative (linked on page 1 of the FAQ above) to understand the process your community is using! Looked at the FAQ and still have questions? Reach out to Isaac Pitcher for more details (