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Secondary ELD teachers, check out this week’s ELD newsletter to learn about speaking strategies to try this week and late work in the Vista program.

Try This Strategy!

Directed Discourse: The Directed Discourse strategy helps students have conversations using academic language. The conversation moves in the strategy help students start conversations, listen and respond to each other, and reflect on their conversation. Check out the strategy in action on ELLevation

Speaking Games

A great way to get students used to speaking in class is to play games. Check out these links for some fun speaking game ideas!

Curriculum Corner: Review & Accept Late Work

As we near the end of the term, you may have lots of students turning in late work. This video shows you how to review and accept late work in the Vista gradebook. 


Please make sure that you have enough headphones with microphones for your students to regularly practice speaking and recording. Reach out to Tani Brown if you need more.