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Over the past few months, we’ve discussed how we can continue offering tools, resources, and events on our Safety and Security measures to increase safety and security. But alongside our immediate safety concerns, we want our families to thrive.

So, we’ve created a plan to answer our shared concerns. We’re excited to invite you to our district-wide Safety and Security Campaign. Rather than one immediate response, we want to provide a prolonged, researched response that accounts for and is informed by the voices of every student, parent, teacher, and staff member.

We start the year by continuing our efforts in strengthening school security while delivering information on our current safety and security plans. Expect plenty of interviews, training videos, and safety apps to prepare for emergencies of every kind. Then, the district will send a community survey out to improve the outreach of our safety and security programs, and to build on the bedrock of our current safety and security strategies.

Through the middle of our year, we’re interviewing our Directors, School Resource Officers, Social Workers, Nurses, and Community Allies like United Way and Encircle. Each interview will glean insights to offer usable, sharable resources. Heading up the interviews, the district will provide downloadable safety training booklets encompassing all of the covered safety and security information.

We’ll round out the campaign with fun and interactive events and activities. With a special “safety-edition” of Provo Way that offers gifts to nominees who epitomize safety and community wellbeing (and a treat for the chosen’s nominators) and a Safety Fair including food, fun, and safety/security resources, we’re asking you to join us in fortifying and nurturing our community.

Keep an eye out each Wednesday and Friday for regular Safety and Security content on and the Provo City School District Social Media channels.