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The myPerspectives curriculum has many resources for multilanguage learners: text-specific supports, English language support lessons, and leveled readers. Find more information about each of these below.

Text-specific supports (found with each reading)

  • Most of the texts have an “accessible leveled text” attached to it. These take the texts that are in the textbook and put them in a lower lexile along with summaries and explanations.
  • All of the texts have an audio summary that can be played in English or Spanish. There are transcripts of these summaries as well, so students can listen and follow along.
  • Some texts are also translated into Spanish. This is mostly for the small-group and independent work sections of each unit.
  • Check out a video that will show you how to find all of these supports

English Language Support Lessons: Most of the whole-group and small-group texts have an English Language Support Lesson to go with it. These lessons give some background information, vocabulary, or more in-depth instruction that will help your students be able to complete the assignments with different texts.

Leveled Readers: Q-Reads and Reality Central are leveled readers that you could use in small groups or stations. Q-Reads is content-based (there are readings for science, history, math, etc.) and Reality Central is nonfiction. Here’s a video that will show you how to find these readers.


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