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The Custodial Services Department would like you to remember a few key things going into the summer.  Please remember the following:

  • Custodial days and hours often change during June and July.  Many schools will not have Custodians in the buildings on Fridays due to the 4/10’s schedule.
  • Custodial hours often shift to the early mornings rather than the afternoons and evenings during the summer.  

If you choose to enter the schools in June and July, please help us with the following:

  • Please lock and latch any doors that you open in the schools–Do not prop open exterior doors.
  • Please turn off any lights that you turn on in classrooms or common areas before you exit.
  • Air conditioning will only be scheduled on for District/school-sanctioned events.  Air conditioning will be provided in all areas of the building where employees are REQUIRED to work.  Air conditioning may not be available in individual classrooms/offices where employees are not contractually obligated to be working.
  • Please be mindful of areas that are posted as “DO NOT ENTER” zones.  These areas are closed for cleaning and restoring activities and must be observed until the signs are removed.
  • Please contact the Head Custodian immediately if you see, hear, smell, or experience anything that seems problematic or out of the ordinary or if you need emergency access to an area that is posted as closed.

Summer Break is our greatest opportunity to conserve energy and save money Please remember the...