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To celebrate Wishtree Day, schools throughout our district will be displaying their Wishtree in their school and participating in various activities.

Wishtree by Katherine Applegate is the ProvoREADS book of the year in our school district. Throughout this year, all of the schools have read this book and librarians have created activities that related to the story as well.

Wishtree Day is an actual holiday in the book where people gather together on May 1st to share their wishes with Red, neighborhood oak tree. Just as in the book, students around our district will be sharing their wishes this Wednesday, May 1st by adding them to their school’s wish tree, along with other activities.

ProvoREADS is a Provo City School District initiative in association with Provo City PTA to promote literacy and facilitate a broader and deeper appreciation of reading. The ultimate goal with ProvoREADS is to bring people together by reading common books, which will increase their desire to read and help them discover the pure joy that comes from reading.


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