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Congratulations to Mark Burge, our Principal Selfie winner for this month! Using his hashtag #burgesphotobombs , Mark had the most photos and most creative photos for this month! We will be delivering his prize to him later this week. Keep participating for your chance to be recognized and win a prize!

The gauntlet is thrown! A few years ago, Fidel Montero started taking selfies with students on his Instagram, which turned out to be a big hit! Last year, Chris Chilcoat upped the game by adding his own hashtag to his selfies (#ChillinwithChilcoat). Now we want to see if you’ve got game! We are challenging you to an Instagram Principal Selfie Challenge.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Post on your school or Principal Instagram account
  • Let us know what your hashtag is and which account you will be posting on
  • Vice Principals/Facilitators are also welcome to participate

*You must use a personalized hashtag or we won’t be able to track your posts*

Each month, we will be presenting prizes to Principals in the following categories: 

  1. Most selfies in a month
  2. Most creative selfie 
  3. Most social media engagement on a selfie (number of likes, comments, shares, etc.) 

Participation is optional, but we would love to see as many principals participate as possible. The challenge is on – let’s see what you’ve got! 

To let us know what your hashtag is and what account you will be using, contact either Shauna Sprunger at or Mikayla Tate at