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The month of November is recognized in the USA as National Native American Heritage Month. We know fewer plans for this month are already in the works. We would ask that those lesson plans do not include any caricatures of American Indians that would be colored or require students to dress up or make faux traditional clothing (paper bag vests, headdresses with feathers, etc.) 

The use of feathers or certain types of clothing has sacred and significant meaning to Native peoples. If you are concerned about whether your current Native American lesson plans/activities are appropriate please contact our district’s Title VI Coordinator, Meredith Lam ( Meredith oversees the American/Indian/Alaska Native education. 

Thank you for your efforts in honoring this request. 

Here are some additional resources that could be helpful:

Smithsonian, National Museum of the American Indian

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Scholastic Recommendations

PBS Native American Heritage Month

Native Peoples Approved Book Recommendations 

Also, as of recently, the Provo City School District Equity and Diversity Department worked with Navajo Strong donate backpacks to the Navajo Nation. Thanks to everyone who helped!